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Shipping Instructions

Package all heads carefully and use a large volume of bubble wrap or high-density foam.
Be sure to adequately separate the heads so that they do not touch each other. USPS large flat rate boxes with 3” of dense cardboard or foam works well to protect the heads. The can be placed in a single box or sent separately. Shake the box. Be sure the heads do not move in the box.

Cylinders can also be packaged in USPS boxes and then placed with the same type of dense packaging material in one larger box.

Additional Information:
Crunched up paper is not the best packaging material. High density foam works well. New bubble wrap works well. Another option for heads is to bolt them to a piece of ΒΌ” plywood at the bottom of the USPS Large Flat Rate Box; then fill the box with additional packing.

We will inspect your heads on arrival and call you if there are any issues.

For shipping USPS, UPS, and FedEx all offer excellent service to our address.

Ship your heads to:

HD Street Performance
1915 111th Ave East
Edgewood, WA 98372

Call 253-691-5893, if you have any questions
Or email us, info@hdstreetperformance.com

Thank you